Welcome to Jeevodaya

  • Jeevodaya, a voluntary organisation established in 1994 is involved in the integrated education of children-in-crisis. With just 15 children in 1993, today we educate 10,000 deprived children in 204 villages & slums across – Karnataka,Andhra Pradesh & Tamilnadu. Jeevodaya is empowering deprived children with Academic & Life education .

Our initiatives

  • 1) FREE SCHOOL: We are running a FREE SCHOOL for 529 of the poorest and needy children of quarries, slums, and villages. Terminally sick parents' children, Orphan children, Single parent children, and those suffering severe poverty are given admission in the FREE SCHOOL. Quality English Medium Education and Value inculcation are provided for 529 deprived children from KG to X Grade.
  • 2) SCHOLARSHIP EDU-AID: Scholarships for 130 children from deprived children are being supported with Scholarship for Higher Education. This enables them to continue and prepare for the future.

  • 3) CHILDREN’S HOME: There are 45 deprived children in our Home gaining residential facility and education.

  • 4) WOMEN SELF HELP GROUPS: Mothers of children in our FREE SCHOOL, are grouped into 15 to 18 members. These women, for the betterment of their own families and well being of their children, begin SMALL SAVINGS every month. We have 1200 women in these Self Help Groups.


  • Educate Deprived Children : Prevent Child labour

  • Academic Education & Life Education for children-in-crisis

  • Follow-up children’s education till completion of High School : from 6 to 16 years

Ongoing Programs

  • Free School for deprived children of quarries, slums and villages

  • Educational Aid : Note Books & School stationery for needy & deserving children

  • Supplementary Education : Evening Study Centers – enhancing academic skills

  • Life Education : Personality development – self confidence

  • Awareness for parents : Responsible parenthood in child education & formation

Guiding Principles

  • FIntegrity, Commitment and Perseverance

Objectives for Children & Community

  • Dignity, self-reliance, Civic-sense & Social responsibility, empowered community overcoming poverty and child labor.


  • Free School provides ‘Quality English Medium Education’ to 186 deprived children from age of 5 –. 13 Nearly 50 % of the student are girls. Nursery, LKG, UKG, First, Second, Third and Fourth Grades are functioning. Children who had never help a slate pencil or knew alphabets are now able to read, write , comprehend and in their own communicate in English. These are first generation school goers and they are learning alphabets, basic english, kannada and numbers, rhymes, action songs, basic numbers, colours, general knowledge, hygiene and cleanliness, good manners and values of helping one another in the school. “Play – Learn = Learn through Play ” methodology is being used as basis of our teaching. Personality development activities such as sports, games, singing, dancing, fancy dress , drawing and colouring are regularly carried out to develop their potentials. Creativity, Imagination, Leadership, Problem Solving and Innovation is the thrust of curriculum.